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Seems a few of us were suffering from sticker shock this morning when we learned that the Sex and the City 2 costumes are worth a whopping $10 million–but I was even more surprised to learn what the average woman’s wardrobe is valued at.

Here’s the deal with the study, as told by Stylelist: “Conducted by UK insurance company Sheila’s Wheels, the survey of 3,000 adults found that a woman’s daily ensemble costs on average $137 more than a man’s. The total (cue cha-ching! sound effect) reportedly includes underwear, $39; a skirt, $44; top, $33; knitwear, $57; coat, $94; tights, $6; shoes, $75; watch, $112; and jewelry, $552. A woman’s handbag, $155, and its contents–including a $155 mobile phone and cash, tickets, and passes amounting to $213–were also reportedly included, resulting in a grand total of $1,534.28.” The survey also says that the value of an outfit can increase by $102 for special occasions.

Call me crazy, but that sounds like a lot of cash to be wearing on your back each day (and counting the cash in your wallet doesn’t really sound like the same thing as “wearing” it to me, but whatever–I’m lucky if I have three singles in my wallet at any given time, so that part doesn’t really effect me!). Here’s what I’m wearing today:

– Henri Bendel private label striped blue dress: FREE! It was an editor gift, but its actual value is around $120

– Gap Kids boys’ military jacket: $39.50

– Newport News flat sandals: $15

– Rebecca Minkoff morning after mini bag: $400 (contents, including phone and cash, around $150)

– Beaded bracelets: $4 on the street

– Underwear and bra: Bra was free at a Calvin Klein event but worth $50; underwear $7 at American Eagle

– Forever 21 rose stud earrings, $3

My grand total is around $788, which is only $30 more than half of their estimate. I know , but still….does the $1,500 estimate seem high to you girls, too?

How much do you think what you’re wearing today is worth? Share!

Source: Yahoo Shine

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