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What Men Really Think About Your Cocktail Order

Post by Hello Beautiful in Sex & Love on Jun 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm

So, there’s a new book out called, How to Booze: Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice. And if you’re wondering if men make certain assumptions about us based on what we’ve ordered, you’re right. C0-authors Jordan Kaye and Marshall Altier agree, “Yep, different drinks send different messages.”


The drink that says, “No way in Hell am I coming up to your place later”

Jordan explains: “This drink is all about caution. It’s the very drink we recommend ordering on first dates, in fact, because it communicates a kind of restraint and seriousness that will serve you well when you’re interested in taking things slowly.”


The drink that says, “I want to hear about how much money you make”

“By asking for the distinctive, delicious, top-shelf reposado-style tequila, you’ll set yourself apart,” Jordan notes. “A high-end margarita like this demonstrates that you know how to have a good time — and no one is going to teach you any lessons about how to do that — but you aren’t going to be fooled into making any compromises, either.”


The drink that says, “You can treat me like one of the guys (except much better)”

This is basically a fancy beer drink — it’s a half-pint of pale ale topped off with a half-pint of porter or stout. So it shows that you’re laid-back enough to drink a brewsky, cool enough to order a drink with serious pub cred, and demanding enough to ask for something special.


The drink that says, “Marriage…Babies…”

“Herbs and citrus make men think fertility,” says Jordan. “It’s a drink that suggests you are full of life and ready to make more of it. Procreation obsession is probably not a message that most guys want to hear too directly, though.” So, when you send the message subliminally, by way of your drink order, they can handle it.


The drink that says, “I’m up for anything! Sweep me off my feet!”

Jordan says: “If you happen to be on a date with a genuinely good guy, ask for a classic champagne cocktail. This will tell your date that you are bubbling with enthusiasm for what’s coming next — whatever that may be.” Jordan notes that ordering your bubbly cocktail-style is more interesting and festive than asking for it straight up. I’d add that the extra flair suggests a bit of Gatsby-era glamour. SOURCE