See Pictures below… we warn you, they are disturbing.

Just as we predicted, the pictures of Gary Coleman’s final moments among the living have been sold to a tabloid — but the photo taken after Gary died was not part of the deal.

We get that whole Diff’rent Strokes for different folks. But maybe a little perspective is needed, too.

A rep for Gary Coleman’s ex-wife, Shannon Price, is lashing out at critics who say that a photograph of a grinning Price taken the day after the former child star’s increasingly mysterious death insinuates something sinister behind her decision to remove Coleman from life support.

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“That day it took Shannon two hours before she could stop throwing up and walk to the front room with her bed pan and sit down in the chair,” Price’s spokeswoman and friend, Shielia Erickson, tells E! News. “Once she started talking about Gary she was happy. How she loved to talk about the good times they had.”

The last few days, however, have been far from good times for Price.

Gary’s onetime missus, who had his permission to make health-care decisions on his behalf, showed off her pearly whites on May 29, posing for a picture with Erickson, an agent who worked with both Gary and Price.

That photo instantly found its way to sites like TMZ, which played up her beaming countenance.

But Erickson says Price was far from happy when the photo was snapped.

“This picture was taken right after she spoke of her love for Gary, and she was hugging me, her second mom,” she says. “She was in a lot of pain that day, and makeup hides a lot.”

Price did the sit-down to dispel chatter that she may have had something to do with Coleman’s death. She also talked about all the money the Diff’rent Strokes star spent on her and how she had none left to pay for his funeral set for Saturday in Utah.

The funeral is now in doubt, as Coleman’s long-estranged parents are making a bid to have his body transported back to his native Illinois.

Even in death the poor guy can’t catch a break. So much for resting in peace.

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