It’s nearing Father’s Day, and we’re smack in the middle of Black Music Month. Got some candidates for those you’d consider among music’s hottest dads? We do. And we make the case for them right here.


This sexy father of four gets on the list because not only does he rap, star in movies, make business moves and now has a regular role on “CSI-Los Angeles,” but he actually seems like a dude who cares about his kids. You might remember his amusing commercial some years back that he starred in with his children. Or you could keep in mind that none of his children seem to be interested in following in their father’s rap footsteps or doing any “My Sweet 16” parties, presumably because they’re going to school and getting their educations. We heart LL, now 42, for all of his accomplishments, and though this generation may remember him best as an actor, we know he was a hell of a rap star in his heyday. But for keeping his kids on the low and out of trouble despite his fame, we’ve added him to the Hot Dads list.


Interestingly enough, despite his storied career as a rap pioneer, the second generation of Smiths have no interest in music thus far. Trey, Will’s firstborn son, is more interested in picking up the pigskin than a mic, and Jaden and Willow are following in both parent’s footsteps by getting their SAG cards. It appears that the Smith stamp on acting will last for a good long time. While the Smith kids – especially Jaden and the always stylish Willow – have taken some hits from observers for their fashion-forward styling and red-carpet posing, we think Daddy Will, 42, deserves some credit for allowing his children to freely express themselves. While we obviously have to give Jada Pinkett Smith her credit as well, we truly enjoy watching the Smiths create a black acting dynasty. That’s why Will gets our thumbs up as a desirable dad. Oh, and he’s not hard to look at either.


We don’t quite know what went on in the Knowles’ marriage to cause their quietly announced breakup last year, but is it really our business? One thing we do know is that Matthew Knowles, 59, helped both his daughters follow their show business dreams. When little Beyonce showed signs of the talent and drive that would make her an international superstar, Knowles famously quit his lucrative IBM sales job to support his budding star. While Solange might not have showed the sheer talent that her older sister does, Knowles made sure she had a record deal, too. You’ll remember that in the Destiny’s Child brouhaha that lead to the original members’ departure, no one could say Knowles didn’t have his flesh and blood’s back. Well, isn’t that what we want daddies to do? So Matthew Knowles gets a head nod from us. Had his daughter wanted to be a figure skater, we’re sure Beyonce would have a few gold medals in her possession by now. We’re glad she decided to sing so we could show our girls an icon who knows what a work ethic is. Thanks, Matthew.


This father of four children with his long-time wife, Kimberly, Ice Cube, like LL Cool J, seems to keep his kids behind the scenes. No rap videos, no arrests and no wild parties or photos surfacing on Facebook or YouTube, and you can figure it’s because somebody’s putting the work in. It’s interesting too that after years of being considered one of the industry’s most …..


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