There’s no doubt that B.o.B‘s career is in the fast lane, so it only makes sense that he will embark on a Shooting Star tour this summer. The 23-year-old also revealed that he is taking Roc Nation signee J. Cole along for the ride.

“It feels like somebody took my career, took dynamite in it, lit it and just blew it up,” B.o.B. told The BoomBox. “It’s everywhere. It’s all over the place, and it’s good because I feel like I’ve worked about four years, really professionally in the music industry. It’s been a lifetime and a lifelong journey but the past four years it’s been a ride. It really has.”

After dropping his debut ‘B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray,’ back in May and having his latest single ‘Airplanes’ — the tour takes its name from a lyric in the track — currently sitting at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, the youngster still can’t believe his success.

“You know I always knew that there was a craving for the type of music that I had, but it was just understanding where those people were and how to get to ’em,” he says. “It’s really reached a critical level and my gratitude is through the roof, I stay grateful everyday and that keeps me working.”