After an animated diss of the self-made millionaire on Adult Swim’s ‘The Boondocks’, Tyler Perry speaks out about allegations stemming from the episode.

The epic episode of ‘The Boondocks’ spawned several stories about Tyler firing his entire staff in order to “control any leaks of information.”  There were also stories about Tyler filing a lawsuit against the show and it’s founder Aaron McGruder.

Tyler spoke with journalists from ‘Straight From the A’.com to address these allegations.

Just like the Spike Lee situation, I feel that “no response” is the best response. I’m just gonna leave it at that…

But I will tell you this… there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I’m suing The Boondocks. Those are all lies. I’m not suing anybody over that.

And I haven’t fired anyone because of that show either. I don’t know where all that came from.

Just don’t believe anything you read on the blogs. But we’re always happy to speak with legitimate journalists who are interested in doing actual reporting. (source)

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