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Hallelujah! Christian Sex Toys user

by The_Stir,

Photo from Book22

After compiling the list of the best sex shops in America, it came to my attention that there is a Christian sex shop that I overlooked. Mostly because I didn’t realize that Christians needed their own sex shop.

Other than preferring the missionary position, perhaps there are a few Christian needs that differ from regular old agnostics, Jews, Muslims, or atheists. Let’s take a look around Book22, shall we?

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Book22 references the Song of Solomon, “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine,” which emphasizes marriage. So the point of Book22 is to offer enhancements for married, heterosexual couples (although they don’t ask for a copy of your marriage license upon checking out).

Other services Book22 offers is the removal of any potentially offensive packaging from their products, and information on what is okay and what is not okay in the Christian marriage bed. Note — aside from being anti-gay, their list of no-nos is pretty standard stuff for the non-Christian monogamous relationship.

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Aside from that qualifier, you’ll still find c— rings, edibles, and waterproof vibes for the G-spot. However, these products appear in the online shop as a result of the couple praying for guidance. Rather than, say, market research? I’m not sure I understand the difference and I was a regular at Sunday School as a kid.

One area Book22 emphasizes, which can only be lauded as a community service, are the sexual aid needs outside of the standard sex toy box — including enhancers for elderly or disabled couples.