Exclusive: Kelly Price talks about her new single, “Tired”, her upcoming self-titled album, where she’s been and where she’s going. Pop it to hear her new jawn and find out what hot R&B singer may be touring with her in the near future.

The last time we heard from Kelly Price, she was wowing audiences with her powerful vocals and deep lyrics. But just because she’s been out of sight, doesn’t mean she’s been out of mind.. or out of the game. We chopped it up with Kelly about her apparent hiatus, the unlikely inspiration for her new single and her outlook on the evolution of today’s Hip-hop and R&B art form.

Interviewer : We heard your new single, “Tired,” and we love it! It mirrors the sentiment of many people, especially women. What was your inspiration?

Kelly Price: (Laughing) Thank you. Actually, I was in Chicago with R. Kelly. We were in the studio and we were having some deep conversation. He actually suggested the song ‘I’m Tired’ and encouraged me to do it. He said, “Kelly, radio needs you. Don’t BS the people. Tell the truth and the women will sing along.” I left the studio and after almost a year and a half incubation period, I was in the car singing and the song literally wrote itself. Life was my inspiration. I started thinking about what was happening around me. When you look at the world we live in and what’s going on, people are tired. This is a testimony of truth. Maybe the people who hear it might get tired enough to do something about it.

Interviewer: The R&B game has really changed. How do you feel about the music that’s out now and do you think it will be difficult to compete with all of the violent and hyper sexual content on the airwaves?

Kelly Price: It has been difficult for new artists and established musicians to get radio play. But longevity is wrapped in a strong work ethic. If it’s what you love, you work when other people are in the club and don’t give up your moral beliefs. For me, I had to go back to the formula I had when I first came out. For a long time I would sit in meetings with the phone on speaker, listening to people say, “she has a beautiful voice, but she’s too fat.” But if you touch the people and sing music relevant to lives and situations, they’ll play the music. This business goes in cycles, but you can’t deny the lyrics of Marvin Gaye. You can’t deny Aretha Franklin when she says she wants R-E-S-P-E-C-T or you make me feel like a natural woman. Real music is timeless.

Interviewer: You’ve been known as both a Gospel artist and a secular artist. Do you ever find a conflict in doing both or do you have a preference?

Kelly Price: Again, it goes back to relevance. I can do both secular and gospel. Both are a part of my life. I grew up in the church . My gospel audience buys all my records, they don’t judge me. I’ve been able to win a lot of gospel music people over because of my message. I speak to life situations. There is life outside of the church. We can get so wrapped up in our beliefs that we segregate ourselves. My mom always told me, “Don’t be so heavenly minded, that you’re no earthly good. The quality of life on earth is as important as life after death.

Interviewer: These days, image has become more important than talent. How do you maintain your image, especially after losing so much weight?

Kelly Price: (Laughing) Girl, I need to see Dr. Oz! Actually, exercising is not a problem for me. I have to watch what I eat because I gain weight easily, but you have to be acquainted with your own body. I know I have low blood iron anemia and it’s important for me to maintain. It’s about living a healthly lifestyle. My message is that looking good in jeans isn’t the goal, it’s the icing on the cake. The meal is retraining your body. I have my days like everyone else when I say forget it and eat what I want to eat. At the end of the day, it’s about balance and knowing what works for you.

Interviewer: New music, promotions, good health, 2 children and a husband.. Wow! How do you keep it all together!

Kelly Price: I keep it together the best way I can. When it comes to my kids, I do like other black mothers. I scream a lot. My kids think I’m crazy and that’s what helps keep them in line. My home life is very normal. I’m old school. If kids act up around me, I will yoke them up. I yell, I scream, but I balance it the best way I can.

Interviewer: So what else can the fans look forward to?

Kelly Price: Well, we’re promoting the single, “Tired” now and that’s from my self-titled album coming in the fall. There’s a lot of good soul-touching music on the album. There’s a song called, “Get Right, or Get Left” and a song called “Not My Daddy” on the album. A lot of music that people will relate to. We are also in the process of pulling together a tour with Faith Evans. We’re going into our third meeting so hopefully that will work out. Right now I’m just really excited.

Ooooh! A Kelly Price and Faith Evans tour?! We’re excited too! Imagine that, a tour with artists that can actually sing. Fans who wanna hit Kelly can check her out on her Facebook Page or her website