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Okay, so we all love the surprising “Hey I’m downstairs with some coffee, buzz me up!” But what do you do when your place is a disaster zone and you can already hear him walking up the stairs?

There are a few go-to products that you should keep around… ALWAYS.  Anti Bacterial wipes are a must.  Even if something isn’t sticky, wiping it up gets rid of the dust and makes everything shine.  Whether it’s a vacuum or a mop, keep something around to pick up the small things from the ground.  Crumbs start to add up and travel with you on the bottoms of your feet, spreading your dinner all over your floor.

Opening your curtains and letting light in automatically takes away from a stuffy and cluttered room.  Air the room out and take in some sunshine.  It helps you prioritize what needs to be cleaned and makes the room seem more airy.

Okay, so your place doesn’t smell awful, but it could definitely use some flowers to freshen up the air.  Always keep some fresh smelling candles around to light while you’re cleaning everything else.  They look pretty, smell nice, and lighten up the atmosphere.  I’ve also recently gotten into incense.  There are a ton of scent options, I like the smokiness that comes with it, and it makes room smell awesome immediately.

You should always have some snacks around for surprise visits.  Whether it’s cheese and crackers or fruit, always expect that people will want to munch.  There are also tons of easy, frozen appetizers that you can whip up in minutes.  Toss them in the microwave and carry on: you come off as an excellent chef and an awesome hostess!

We get it: your shower is your own space.  Why should you have to hide your baby wash and foot scrub? Invest in a cute and not see-through shower curtain. Your shower can be as cluttered as you want and your secret products that make you the best smelling girl out of the bunch will remain a secret!

Do you have any ideas for quick fixes for surprise visits? Any surprise visits go terribly wrong? Fill us in!

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