Angie Stone did her thang at Zack Reed’s “Family Unity In The Park” Saturday at Luke Easter Park in Cleveland, OH. Check out the video below

We have been feening to know if Boo Boo Kitty had finally flipped her wig and pushed poor little Andre’s pregnant wife down the the steps during the FALL season finale of FOX Empire.  Is she dead?  Is the baby dead? Or are they both dead? Will Cookie whoop Hakeem’s spoiled going thru some punked […]

Listen to this exclusive interview with the man, the myth, the vessel KEM, get a glimpse at what you are going to get this Valentines Day weekend. More

CNN is reporting that a scorned wife in Peru confronted her husband’s mistress and threw the woman from a cliff! It’s been reported that Lisset Lupo Mamani, caught her husband walking with a younger woman, Sandra Bruna Morales, while they were out a on a stroll by a cliff in Lima back in January. The video that was captured by […]

                  We are celebrating 50 years with the O’Jays!  Text “Ojay” to 64636 to win a pair of tickets to see the as the O’Jays celebrate their 50th Anniversary and also qualify for the grand prize a complete O’Jays Discology!

Open Up Your Heart As Well As Your EYES…Purple Lights…Is This Video You!! By BridgetEE Do you have or know someone else that has the face?  Did you used to have the face?  Did you even know that the face was yours?

PORTO SANTO STEFANO, Italy — Divers have been searching the submerged part of a luxury cruise liner that went aground off the Italian coast in case any of 70 people unaccounted for might be trapped inside, a coast guard official said Saturday, as passengers described a delayed and terrifying evacuation. Three bodies were recovered from […]

Modern Family killed it at the Emmys, bringing home four major awards. Which only made me super excited about the new season starting tonight at 9pm. As we watch, there will be a new addition to the Modern Family cast. In soap-opera fashion, the character of Lilly has gone from a cute baby to a […]

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