(RNN) – A taxi crashed into a group of pedestrians, injuring several, the Massachusetts State Police tweeted. Officials tell CNN that the accident is a result of driver error. Ten people have been taken to several different hospitals, some with serious injuries, the  Boston Globe said. The incident occurred at 1:44 ET at the taxi pool of Logan […]

A man trying to remove a gun shell casing from his shirt killed his son after accidentally shooting him at a Florida gun range police reported. According to the New York Daily News, the shooting happened Sunday at Sarasota’s High Noon Gun Range at 3:15 p.m. when William Brumby tried to remove a spent shell […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A male died Friday after falling from an overlook outside the Cleveland Convention Center. Cleveland City Hall confirmed the death after the man fell over the ledge on the north side of Mall C, north of Lakeside Avenue, just before noon. He was transported to Metro Health in critical condition and later […]

CLEVELAND – The West Side Market is scheduled to reopen on Monday, Feb. 18, after a recent fire shut it down for days. Cleanup has been completed on the Market, but the cause of the blaze remains undetermined. Officials deemed the building “structurally safe” on Tuesday during a news conference. Officials said to successfully reopen […]

CLEVELAND – The West Side Market Cafe is officially open while crews continue cleaning the areas inside the market which were damaged by fire. Nearly 800 people have liked the status on the market’s Facebook page and it was shared nearly 150 times. Many people are saying they can’t wait to get cheese and are […]

CLEVELAND – The West Side Market opened its doors to the media Tuesday to take a look inside at the aftermath of a fire that happened the morning of Jan. 30. Vendors have been affected by the temporary shutdown that is projected to last through Feb. 13. To help with recovery efforts, this Wednesday will […]

CLEVELAND – The early morning fire at the West Side Market in Cleveland on Wednesday means the vendors will be missing out on much-needed income, so two local businesses are stepping up. No one was injured during the blaze, but the market is closed until further notice because of heavy smoke damage and soot covering […]

CLEVELAND – Support continued to pour in for the West Side Market vendors who lost inventory and business because of Wednesday’s fire. The early morning fire caused significant damage to Sebastian’s Meats and Foster’s Meats, as well as covering counters and stands in soot. On Friday, Charter One announced that it will donate $10,000 to […]