People say that Kanye West is crazy and in need of some mental health guidance, but the one thing you can’t say about Kanye West is that he isn’t a marketing genius. The beef with Ye, Gap and Adidas continues to the point now that Kanye is not longer going to stand in the gap […]

You may have heard, Beyoncé and adidas have teamed up. Maybe as a reminder, Bey took to Instagram to show off her instantly insane adidas collection. However, Kid Fury won with the caption, but we’ll get back to that in a few. As for Beyoncé, she shared a couple of pics of herself surrounded by […]

Nike officials reportedly spent much of Wednesday in meetings about the wardrobe malfunction that befell its highest-paid active NBA spokesman. In case you missed it, the jersey of Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James – made by Nike – split clean down the middle during Tuesday night’s home opener against the Boston Celtics. Although Nike officials declined to […]

Kanye West confirms lowering prices on his clothing line...but what's a 'lowered price?'

  “Yezzur!” It’s hard to imagine anyone having a better year than Pharrell Williams. Whether it’s curating the music for NBA 2K15 or being named to the Apollo Theater’s Board of Directors, Skateboard P is on top of his game. And now, the multi-talented recording artist and producer can add a collaborative fashion line with […]

The newest Adidas Originals Mega Collection are a play off the brand’s rich heritage. The collection consists of fresh sneaker models featuring two of Adidas’ most iconic technologies amplified for a stylish, modern look.