There is a dangerous myth/rumor that African Americans  can’t contract COVID-19.  Where and why this myth got started is unknown, but the hard core fact is that African Americans are contracting and dying from COVID-19 at an alarming rate. Knowledge is key during the COVID-19 pandemic, although, we are all in this together, when the […]

What have you done for us lately?   Omarosa Manigault, fresh off of marital bliss, resumed her deep decent into the sunken place. During a Thursday interview with the Associate Press, Trump’s assigned “African-American whisperer” spoke to the outlet ahead of an event organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton. Manigault claimed that the current administration is “waiting” and “willing”to […]

“We are in the midst of an epic transition,” Stephen Klineberg, sociologist and the founding director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University. In less than 35 years, the United States will be a lot browner. According to the U.S. Census, by 2050, the United States will no longer have a clear […]

The president-elect’s so-called “New Deal for African Americans” is replete with stereotypes and devoid of actual policy. After months of ignoring the concerns of African-American voters, and using inflammatory and racially charged rhetoric to reference minorities, Donald Trump decided late in the 2016 presidential campaign to court the Black vote with no true policy initiative and […]

Donella Wilson, 107 years old, cast her first vote in the 1940s and has taken total advantage of that privilege ever since.


Dr. Jennifer Caudle explained on NewsOne Now that many African-Americans don't realize how important sleep is and many of us take it for granted. According to Caudle, the average American should get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately, the majority of the American populace does not reach this mark.

A Texas mom called out textbook publisher McGraw-Hill Education for calling African slaves “workers” in a section on immigration in one of their geography textbooks. Roni Dean-Burren noticed the peculiar word choice because her 15-year-old son was reading the textbook for his ninth-grade Geography class,Buzzfeed reports. The passage, included in World Geography by McGraw-Hill Education, […]


In this week’s edition of the CBC Message to America, Congressman Donald Payne, Jr.  (NJ-10) discusses how African-American owned small business are vital to the…


More than 5 million Americans—including 210,000 Illinois residents—currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and scientists expect this number to nearly triple by 2050. Experts say African…

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The Black AIDS Institute Salutes the U.S. Supreme Court for Affirming the Right to Marriage Equality for Gay and Lesbian People Today, in a landmark…


Author Josh Levs has been standing up for fathers since he fought and won his own battle for paternity leave. From When journalist and fatherhood…