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After a messy breakup nearly a year ago, Fantasia Barrino is still bitter towards ex, Antwaun Cook.   Adding fuel to the fire, Cook went…

A lot’s been said about Fantasia Barrino, and she’s heard enough. The often embattled “American Idol”phemon talks to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown in the April 2013 issue. Fantasia clears up the questions and rumors surrounding her controversial relationship with babydaddyAntwaun Cook. Where do things stand between them now? Read an excerpt and find out more in the April 2013 Sister 2 […]

Despite Fantasia giving birth to her son Dallas Xavier just three months ago, she’s already getting back to work.

By now, it’s pretty clear that Antwaun Cook really didn’t want to be with Fantasia, even after making a baby together. Cook’s wife Paula, yes they are still married, was crushed, publicly humiliated and embarrassed. She basically disowned him for a while, but didn’t file for divorce. Instead she left a little room for healing […]

Word is, Fantasia's new baby daddy Antwaun Cook is cheating on her the same way he cheated on his wife with Fantasia!     The talk show host criticizes Fanny’s future plans for her family. Wendy Williams thinks Fantasia Barrino’s chances of marrying Antwaun Cook are slim to none.Nearly a month after delivering her son, Dallas Xavier, it seems that Fantasia is looking to her babydaddy to handle his responsibilities. Beyond that, she wants him to […]  Jamie Foster Brown celebrated with Antwaun Cook and Fantasia, who are expecting a baby very soon! Anthony Hamilton and Jamie Foster Brown Singer Anthony Hamilton brought his sons (one of whom posed with Daddy and Jamie) along to help Fantasia celebrate her pregnancy. Jamie Foster Brown, Kandi Burruss, Riley Jamie Foster Brown, Kandi Burruss […]

Fantasia was sitting on top of the world and preparing to give birth to her second child in December when rumors about her upcoming film role as the Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson started circulating. Last week, reports came out that Mahalia’s estate and the movie’s producers were unhappy with Fantasia for being pregnant by […]

Fantasia called into “The Wendy Williams Show” recently to put the rumors to rest surrounding her role in the Mahalia Jackson biopic. But the host did what she does best, and got down to what we really want to know. She asked the singer about Antwaun Cook, if he’s still married, if they’re getting married, […]

After much speculation it can be officially confirmed that Fantasia Barrino is pregnant! According to TWO separate sources, Fantasia is TWO AND A HALF MONTHS pregnant with Antwaun Cook’s baby. You’ll recall that Fanny met Antwaun when he was married. The two carried on an AFFAIR until Antwaun’s wife finally LEFT HIM. And we got […]

Say it aint so, lawd lawd! Word is singer Fantasia is pregnant with her boyfriend, Antwaun Cook’s baby! Peeps close to Tasia tell us she’s about 3 months along.

  Antwaun Cook: A Closer Look at Fantasia’s Alleged Adulterous Lover By Brennan Williams on Aug 13th 2010 In the midst of Fantasia Barrino‘s much talked about scandal with Antwaun Cook, many questions remain unanswered regarding the mysterious man in the center of the controversy. Well, new details were uncovered about the proud member of […]