The talk show host criticizes Fanny’s future plans for her family.
Wendy Williams thinks Fantasia Barrino’s chances of marrying Antwaun Cook are slim to none.Nearly a month after delivering her son, Dallas Xavier, it seems that Fantasia is looking to her babydaddy to handle his responsibilities. Beyond that, she wants him to make them an official family.

“What Fantasia really hopes is that he will step up now, marry her and help with the care of their family,” a source told the St. Louis American newspaper. “She’s tired of carrying the whole load by herself.”

Fanny makes a decent living for herself, but she’s got a lot of people to support in her family. That could be why Fantasia needs Antwaun to help out with his new son, not just financially but in terms of quality time. However, Wendy pointed out that he’ll need to split time between two homes because he’s also got two kids with his estranged wife, Paula Cook.

Wendy also took the opportunity to really break down Fantasia’s situation, taking the singer to task for messing with a married man.

“Fantasia, you knew he was married, and unavailable to you, when you started sleeping with him. A separated man does not make a single man,” Wendy told Fantasia directly. “This wasn’t even a down-low relationship … because we all saw you all celebrating your…love.”

In Wendy’s opinion, Fanny could have saved herself a lot of trouble had she just stopped seeing Antwaun after her attempted suicide in August 2010. 

“I don’t know whether it was a broken condom,” Wendy said during the “Hot Topics” section of her show, “or maybe you miscounted the days if you happen to take a pill, but all I’m saying is you had control over this entire situation.”

After that harsh dose of tough love, Wendy still wasn’t finished.

“As a wife—and I always root for the wife—you were dead wrong in this one, Fantasia,” Wendy stated, giving voice to what many in the public have been saying in their own private conversations and online. “I would never say that you get what you deserve because I love you so much that it pains me to talk to you like this.”