Traumatic brain injury may be defined as any form of trauma that affects how the brain functions. As we know, the brain is the most complex piece of the human body that we understand the least amount of information about. New studies about brain findings arise every day to give us a better understanding of […]

Attorney Michael Avenatti has been charged with trying to extort millions from Nike. Avenatti was arrested after tweeting that he was going to hold a press conference to “disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike that we have uncovered.” Allegedly Avenatti demanded, $15 million to $25 million and an additional $1.5 million […]

The singer’s cousin and drummer Charles “Chazz” Smith is outraged at his inner circle, not at “the DEA and the investigators and all of the law enforcement people,” for not speaking up on what really went on behind his death.   No criminal charges will be filed in relation to Prince’s April 2016 death, Carver County […]

CLEVELAND — Attorney Thomas J. Connick, of Connick Law LLC in Beachwood, filed a class action in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio against Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble d/b/a Old Spice. It was filed on behalf of consumers who purchased allegedly defective Old Spice deodorant, which regularly and routinely causes rashes, irritation, burning and […]

Benjamin Crump, the civil rights attorney who represented the families of Michael Brown Jr.,Tamir Rice, and Trayvon Martin, has been retained in the case of a Tulsa, Okla. man shot and paralyzed by a security guard in February 2015. On Monday, the family of Monroe Bird III gathered at the Greater Grace Temple church with both Crump and […]

  Other lawyers have lawsuits against the popular singer after allegedly failing to pay them as well.   DETROIT (WXYZ) – Grammy Award winning singer Anita Baker is being accused once again of not paying her bills. It was just a few months ago that Baker’s attorney was telling the 7 Investigators that his client […]

*You might think he’s full of sh*t, but despite all the legal drama before and after being acquitted for Trayvon Martin’s murder and his personal issues with his estranged wife and ex-girlfriend, George Zimmerman says America hasn’t seen who he truly is. In a videotaped interview released Wednesday, the former neighborhood watchman tells divorce attorneys […]

  George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’ Mara reached notoriety when his expertise assisted the self-appointed neighborhood watchman in getting away with the murder of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin. O’Mara is now facing an ethics complaint in regard to his handling of the Trayvon Martin trial. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the state bar association is […]

CLEVELAND – The defense attorney for admitted kidnapper Ariel Castro called Thursday’s sentencing hearing “gratuitous and unnecessary.” Attorney Craig Weintraub spoke with the media shortly after his client was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus a thousand years. He said Castro was not surprised by his sentence because of managed […]

  CLEVELAND – After a day full photos and descriptions of life for three women held captive for a decade, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty proudly stated: “The nightmare on Seymour Avenue is over.” Ariel Castro, who pleaded guilty to 937 counts including rape and kidnapping, was sentenced on Thursday to life in prison without […]

The attorney for the Georgia trucking company suing Pilot Flying J over fuel payments is talking tough. In an interview with NewsChannel5 Chief Investigator Ron Regan, Atlantic Coast Carriers attorney Mark Tate alleges a ” Haslam scheme” took money from small to medium trucking companies, and he also says actions by CEO Jimmy Haslam may […]

CLEVELAND – Anthony Sowell’s attorney filed a reply brief of errors in his case on Thursday, recommending the convicted killer face a life sentence rather than execution. “We know from his behavior in prison and the marines that Sowell pose no danger if he serves a life sentence,” the brief reads. “And there is no […]