B. Scott

This past Sunday on The Real Housewives of Atlanta the ladies took messy drama to the chill of Canada messing up poor little innocent Tonya’s girls trip. During a sit down a fight broke out when the subject of #SnakeGate was brought up for the 100th time to Yovanna, you know Yovanna she’s “the b!@#H” […]

B. Scott and BET have reached an agreement following the legal battle sparked by the network’s major snub. The media personality was all ready to welcome stars and interview them on the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards. The network, which had booked him for the gig, was not pleased when he showed up […]

Transgender blogger B. Scott can dress anyway he wants as long as it’s not anywhere near a BET Awards show red carpet. That’s the tough…

A judge tossed out B. Scott’s discrimination lawsuit against BET this week. According to the ruling, the network had the 1st Amendment right to force…

  *On Monday, internet media personality B. Scott and his attorney, Waukeen McCoy, went on “MSNBC Live” to discuss his discrimination lawsuit against BET and Viacom. B. Scott filed the lawsuit last week and this appearance was the first time he’s spoken publicly about it with host Thomas Roberts. The lawsuit stems from the incident […]

  *Transgender TV personality B. Scott is suing BET, claiming the network humiliated him during the recent BET Awards by snatching him off the air because he was wearing women’s clothes. According to TMZ, Scott claims in his lawsuit that he was hired to be the Style Stage Correspondent for the pre-show in June. At […]

*After being asked by BET to scale back on his normally feminine look to host the pre-awards show, TV personality B. Scott is not accepting the network’s “apology.” B. Scott, an openly gay fashion and advice columnist, claims that the network pulled him off the red carpet coverage for Sunday’s show to change his appearance. […]