King And Queen Showcase

Source: Isaiah Trickey / Getty

This past Sunday on The Real Housewives of Atlanta the ladies took messy drama to the chill of Canada messing up poor little innocent Tonya’s girls trip.

During a sit down a fight broke out when the subject of #SnakeGate was brought up for the 100th time to Yovanna, you know Yovanna she’s “the b!@#H” (that’s gonna be a RHOA classic of all time).  Kenya and Porsha demanded to know if Yovanna recorded Cynthia talking shady about NeNe and her answer for the 100th time was “NO”.  That’s when questions about who is leaking things to the blogs, IE: B Scott, when NeNe said look I don’t fool with no B Scott.  (Side bar: B Scott is not the one to come for as it pertains to facts, and where it came from)  After the breaking up of all the yelling and finger pointing the dust settled and what was learned according to NeNe there wasn’t a recording but an audio, an Yovanna knows about it.

♫ The wheels on the bus go round and round ♫

Well that was news to Yovanna and she feels some type of way about what Nene had to say so instead of sitting down with the exclusive club of RHOA (a club that the ladies made sure she new she wasn’t a part of) she sat down with the ‘Sister Circle’ to set the record straight and to say #SnakeGate is bogus and who is to blame.

Hmmmm could it be NeNe!?

Check out the tea that Yovanna poured in the video below.