RHOA Eva Marcille only refers to him as her Childs donor and says he has done nothing but, for lack of a better way of saying it,  wreak havoc on her and her families life.  According to donor in question Kevin McCall that’s not true and he wants his day in court.  Well Kevin McCall’s day in […]

Talk about proving a point. Eva Marcille said her oldest daughters father, Kevin McCall wasn’t wrapped too tight and she had been in hiding from him and didn’t want him to have anything to do with their daughter and unfortunately for Kevin McCall he may have proven Eva The Diva’s point when he was arrested […]

With Father’s Day right around the corner, many are hitting up big box stores to find the right gift for dad, but one shopper was less than pleased when she saw what Target had to offer: a card embossed with the words “Baby Daddy” featuring a black couple. Takeisha Sanders took to Facebook to voice her outrage, writing […]

According to BlackMediaScoop.com a Houston man accused his ex-girlfriend of stealing his sperm and producing twins through in vitro fertilization without his permission. Joe Pressil, 36, said he discovered his former girlfriend’s action when he received a receipt in the mail from a fertility clinic indicating himself as the patient. “Actually, I couldn’t believe it […]

Parenting Battle Royale By Mason Jamal on Mar 24th 2011 5:00PM Filed under: Mason Says I’ve been a husband for six years. I’ve been a father for 18. Do the math. That’s negative 12. Who needs an abacus? I belong to a generation of parents who, in financial speak, are upside down. If our children […]