Dallas police have yet to arrest any suspects for the 23-year-old's murder and are not sure her death was connected to her April assault.

On Tuesday, the Sacramento Police Department announced that it would formally begin investigating one of its police officers who was caught on camera slamming a black man to the ground and beating him. The man’s crime was simply that he was jaywalking. The video was released on Monday and shows the officer confronting Nandi Cain Jr. after […]

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Cuyahoga County prosecutor says two former East Cleveland police officers will face charges in the beating of a person in their custody. A Grand Jury indicted Denayne R. Davidson-Dixon and Gerald A. Spencer II on Friday for the July 24 beating of Jesse R. Nickerson. Each of the defendants was […]

CANTON, Ohio – The owner of a Canton art gallery is out of the hospital after he said he was beaten and robbed early Saturday morning outside of his business. The suspects are still on the loose. “I don’t even remember waking up on the asphalt,” said Tim Carmany. “I don’t even remember picking myself […]

The district attorney is expected to upgrade charges against the main suspect. Heartbroken family and friends are planning a funeral for 17-year-old Ta’Jae Warner, who died Tuesday night after a senseless attack left her in a coma, the New York Daily News reports. Family friend Lissette Pizarro told the newspaper that a group of teenagers assaulted Ta’Jae on Friday […] CLEVELAND – A Cleveland family is mourning after police said that Dontez L. Curlee died as a result of an assault on his 34th birthday. Curlee was found beaten, bleeding from his head and mouth, at about 4:30 p.m. Jan 21 at the bus stop at Lee Road and Miles Avenue. Family said Curlee had just […]

  Radio personality and Howard Stern‘s partner-in-crime Robin Quivers just announced the reason she took some time off of the radio show was because she was battling cancer for the past year. Quivers says she has been undergoing cancer treatment for the better part of a year. She has undergone chemotherapy and other cancer removal […]

(WOIO) – The Canton woman raped, beaten, and set on fire, has died. The vicious attack happened this past weekend in Muskingum County. She has now been identified as Celeste Fronsman, 29. Sheriffs deputies say Fronsman died at 2:22 p.m. Tuesday at Columbus University Hospital. An autopsy will be conducted and the investigation continues. Police […]

A man with special needs is speaking out after he was left badly bruised by police. Twenty-two-year-old Gilberto Powell, who has Down Syndrome, is left with horrible bruises and scars on his face after he had an encounter with police outside his home. “That’s my son. That’s my baby. I really love this little boy. […]

A fetish film company in St Petersburg, Florida, allegedly paid at least 10 homeless men $50 a to be kicked, beaten and whipped by semi-naked women during scenes for “SHEFIGHTS”. The men were tied up and beaten for 12 minutes. They lost their fee if they fought back or gave up before the fight was […]

As we first reported, Jamie got into a scuffle at the Belvedere Red party at Avalon Friday night. According to an eyewitness who was in the thick of things, Foxx and the other guy were in a long conversation — and a pretty intense handshake — when the guy suddenly pulled Jamie down and put […]