Even Kanye West can admit when he’s wrong, so he had to send out an apology to two of his contemporaries on Twitter. The end…

Beck and Beyoncé have been brought together after the Grammys in a new song! People are still feeling a way about the fact that Beck won Best Album Of The Year at the Grammy’s last week. Both artists are undoubtedly very talented, but their music appeals to people with different tastes. MUST READ: Kanye West Goes […]

This past Sunday night, musician Beck won the Album of the Year award during the Grammys. Unfortunately his megastar contender Beyoncé lost and her friend Kanye West along with her die-hard fans in the BeyHive (and the fear-inducing Beygency) believe he did not deserve it. So the BeyHive has launched a petition against the National Academy […]

  The Grammy’s are always a star-studded event that’s full of surprises. No one can ever forget Kanye‘s epic “I’ma let you finish” rant, where he stole the shine of Taylor Swift in her very first grammy-moment. In fact, Yeezy almost relapsed in this year’s event after Beck was recognized for ‘Album of the Year’. […]


Prince played a prominent role in the 57th annual GRAMMY Awards during a brief appearance. The multiplatinum singer, instrumentalist, and producer introduced and presented Beck…