This past Sunday night, musician Beck won the Album of the Year award during the Grammys. Unfortunately his megastar contender Beyoncé lost and her friend Kanye West along with her die-hard fans in the BeyHive (and the fear-inducing Beygency) believe he did not deserve it. So the BeyHive has launched a petition against the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the board that decides who goes home with a Grammy). Filed on Change.Org, the BeyHive stated:

An unspeakable act of corrupt and senseless terrorism was committed at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards when BEYONCÉ—the 5th and most innovative album from megastar and possible angel Beyoncé—was not given the Album of the Year Award, and, instead, it was granted to an album no one even knows the name of by Beck (also not sure who this is). The world would like to see action taken, whether it be stripping Beck of the award and giving it to Beyoncé, or for the Grammy Awards and the Academy to be obliterated completely. Something must be done after this terrible atrocity.



Article Courtesy of Madame Noire

Picture Courtesy of WENN and Madame Noire

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