Sadly not long after the news broke about the pending lawsuit, other members of her team, have been turning on Lizzo

Beyoncé may be in the middle of her Renaissance World Tour, but she still found time to respond to trending news surrounding Erykah Badu and Lizzo.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z megafans now have the chance to connect with the superstar couple in a brand new way. Although, they may want to keep some Clorox wipes nearby.

Beyoncé during her stop in Amsterdam on her ‘Renaissance World Tour’ decided to rock outfits made exclusively by black designers.

Fans lost it Friday night in Paris, 11 year old Blue Ivy was brought out on stage during the 32-time Grammy winner, Beyonce’s,  performance of “MY POWER,”

Beyonce’, has got the ‘Bey Hive’ buzzing when she took to her Instagram to posts and tease her latest venture, a haircare line.

A poet is going viral not so much for her spoken word but for the words she spoke, claiming that Beyonce’s music is demonic.

Fans right now are upset with Stephanie Mills because she said that Beyonce’ isn’t comparable to Diana Ross in a recent interview.

Beyoncé was reportedly paid a whopping $24 million to perform at an invite-only concert in Dubai, and for a few moments she shared the stage with her oldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Today a Clark sister is standing in the gap for Beyonce’.  Gospel great Dorinda Clark-Cole in a sermon of her own had this to say

Kelis ‘Milkshake’ brings all the boys to the yard, but she wasn’t feeling it be used without her permission on ‘Renaissance’.  Beyonce’ wasn’t feeling the negative ‘Energy’ surrounding the track so she is now removing Kelis from it. 42 year old rapper Kelis through a flag on the play when she heard the leaked version […]

Y’all can say what y’all want about Tyler Perry’s alter ego character Mabel ‘Madea’ Simmon, with all the criticizing and hating on him for playing the part but reality is folks freaked out when he threatened to kill Madea off but instead he gave us a family funeral, so we were ALL pumped and drunk […]