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It used to be a thing that democrats and republicans were separate, and it wasn’t until the foolery of Donald Trump, that the living former presidents of the United States banded together to form a more perfect union, and the union of former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter has […]

The new 3 presidential amigos are doing it again, showing solidarity in a time when the country needs it the most. The hot debate as we head in a new presidential administration on the coat tails of flu season with COVID-19 numbers going up and CDC quarantine times going down, is when the new COVID-19 […]

Earlier this year in an interview, the former President was asked on whether or not he owed Miss Lewinsky an apology.  His response: “No, I do not — I have never talked to her.”   Monica Lewinsky cut a live interview short during a conference in Jerusalem Monday night after being asked an “off limits” […]

Bill Clinton has officially become a novelist, as his co-authored new thriller, The President Is Missing, is now available in stores. While the novel revolves around a commander in chief who takes it upon himself to squash terrorism, Clinton himself had some interesting comments regarding the Obama administration and its chief executive’s reception by the media. According to Deadline, Clinton […]

The #MeToo movement did more than just shine a light on some particularly heinous bad men, it made space for investigating and interrogating the power imbalances that may blur the line of consent. One of the most infamous cases that highlights the need for these conversations is the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal—etched forever in our country’s history with the […]

After all of Michelle Obama's hard work to encourage healthier lifestyles, the future of her initiatives looks uncertain under a Trump presidency.

Clinton’s campaign is set to dispatch Bill Clinton and the Obamas to rally Black voters in Florida, North Carolina and New Hampshire.   Democrats are panicking because Black voters in Florida may not go to the polls in significant numbers to seal an important win for Hillary Clinton in the critical swing state,Politico reports. Many analysts […]

The first presidential debate of the 2016 election is officially on the books after Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in easily one of the most bizarre debates in the history of televising these events. Republican nominee Donald Trump floundered his way through much of the debate, then later praised himself for doing the […]

The group of women endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. There was a lot of buzz around last night’s Democratic National Convention, with high-profile names like former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder slated for speeches. But one of the most powerful and somber moments of the night came from a core group of nine Black women — […]

Is the former President an asset or a liability to his wife’s campaign?   A day after Former President Bill Clinton took on Black Lives Matter supporters in the most disappointing and condescending way, he apologized for trying it, well sort of. According to CNN, On Friday, Clinton, who is apparently still allowed to stump […]