via Wkyc: A bill before the Ohio Legislature requiring teenage drivers under 18 years old to use their learner’s permits for a full year would mean minors would have to be at least 16½ before they could get their probationary driver’s license. The proposed legislation aims to give young drivers more experience behind the wheel […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – For the second time in 2 years, Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich has vetoed the anti-abortion “heartbeat bill.” Gov. Kasich was in support of abortion restrictions, but says Ohio would be on the losing end of a Supreme Court battle. As governor I have worked hard to strengthen Ohio’s protections for […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Ohio House of Representatives voted favorably to advance House Bill 228, also known as the “Stand Your Ground” law, to the state Senate. The proposal, which was approved with a 64-26 vote on Wednesday, would relax restrictions against licensed gun owners who used lethal force in self-defense situations. The bill […]

The President’s trip to Mar-A-Lago in Florida will mark his tenth time visiting in 2017. President Donald Trump signed the Republican tax cut bill Friday morning as he prepares to leave for his Christmas break in Florida. The President signed the bill before reporters in the Oval Office. He also signed the continuing resolution that will […]

The President also used the press conference, in which he did not take any questions, to slam Democrats and “Fake News” outlets.   The House of Representatives gave final approval Wednesday afternoon to its major rewrite of the US tax code, voting a second time on the package after the Senate stripped out a couple […]

AUSTIN, TX (RNN) – A Texas state representative filed a bill Friday that would levy a $100 penalty on a man for masturbating. “#HB4260, “A Man’s Right to Know,” mirrors real TX laws and health care restrictions faced by TX women every (Texas legislature) session,” wrote Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, on Twitter. The legislation states […]

COLUMBUS, Ohio – After a nearly decade-long legislative fight, Ohio firefighters won their battle to help their colleagues who are battling cancer. Ohio Governor John Kasich was surrounded by firefighters as he signed the Palumbo Act at the state capitol early Wednesday afternoon. The law, renamed after Mike Palumbo, a Beachwood fire captain currently battling brain cancer, presumes […]

(RNN) – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to announce Wednesday that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20, and Alexander Hamilton will remain on the $10. Treasury Department officials told multiple news outlets Lew will also announce changes to the $5 bill to depict civil rights-era leaders. New bills may not arrive until […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The City of Cleveland says a $500 claim filed against the estate of Tamir Rice should have never been submitted. Wednesday, a bill from the Law Director’s office was submitted to Rice’s medical insurance company — stating they were responsible for a past due amount owed for the emergency medical services rendered as Tamir’s last dying expense. The claim was filed under Ohio […]

Momma Dee has some explaining to do. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was arrested for leaving a restaurant before paying for her meal. The incident occurred in Milwaukee early Saturday morning, according to TMZ: It was reported that Momma Dee was out with friends to celebrate her birthday and when a bill of around $500 […]

A tenant in Madison, WI received an eviction notice, as well as a bill for $1,192.15 from his landlord to clean up his roommate’s blood after he was shot dead by police two weeks prior. Nineteen-year-old Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. was killed by officers a few weeks ago in the apartment he shared with his roommate, Anthony M. Limo. Now, landlord Ray […]

  Most of us turn off TVs and lights when we go to bed. After all, we don’t want to run up the electric bill while we are sleeping. But what you may not realize is that you have one appliance that runs and runs up your electric bill all night long: Your cable box. […]