A female student trainer claims the incident occurred in 2000 while Parker was awaiting trial on a rape allegation.   Nate Parker is once again at the center of another sexual misconduct allegation that happened while the actor attended Pennsylvania State University nearly 20 years ago. Though he faces no criminal charges for the incident, the […]

“Everything you see is a miracle,” said Parker about the Nat Turner biopic. Nate Parker, the star and director of The Birth of a Nation, got very emotional while talking about the tough journey he endured to get the Nat Turner biopic made. During an NABJ/NAHJ conference panel, Parker shared how the film was under constant threat of being shut […]

The actor speaks to Steve Harvey about his 1999 case.   The positive press around Nate Parker’s film ‘Birth Of A Nation’ came to a screeching halt when news of his 1999 rape accusation resurfaced. At first, Nate took the backlash with an air of bravado, fiercely defending his innocence. But that all changed when it […]

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https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/774494206480048128 Nate Parker’s new film is getting such good feedback it may be able to overcome the controversy surrounding its creator. The Nat Turner biopic Birth Of A Nation got a standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival Friday. According to the BBC, the audience was enthralled by Parker’s film. Speaking after the film, Parker said: “I […]


Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton is questioning why filmmaker Nate Parker is under intense public scrutiny for rape charges leveled against him 17 years ago. He believes the rehashing smacks of a possible right-wing conspiracy to keep the public from seeing his film The Birth of a Nation, reports The New York Daily News. “If a […]

Fox Searchlight released the first trailer of The Birth of a Nation. The award-winning biopic of Nat Turner is scheduled for release in October.

Filmmaker Nate Parker announced that he intends to launch a film school this coming fall at Wiley College in Texas. The “Birth Of A Nation” director shared with reporters over the weekend that the East Texas school will give students a wide-ranging variety of coursework as it pertains to filmmaking, Variety reports. In an interview […]


Paramount and Netflix dropped out of an overnight bidding war that ended with the historically large offer from Fox Searchlight.