An explosion has gone off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. A number of users on Twitter have tweeted photos showing smoke and people with serious injuries. Other photos show people fleeing from the Copley Square area in downtown Boston. The headquarters of the race is currently on lockdown, Reuters is reporting. A […]

BOSTON-Nine students were expelled from Dean College in Massachusetts after a video was posted on of one student brutally beating another over what he believed were stolen sneakers. In the video one students confronts another than repeatedly punches him and then takes his sneakers while his friends laugh and record the beating. CBS Boston […]

*It’s no secret that the $3 million deal Shaquille O’Neal signed to play for the Boston Celtics is not a lot of money for a pro player. But of course he’s not in his prime so that means he can’t command the big bucks from the team. But that doesn’t mean he won’t be making […]