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  The Oscar-winning actress shows off her favorite pastime on six friends. Lupita Nyong’o Delivers Powerful Speech On Colorism, Self-Love [VIDEO] Why Is The Mainstream…

Marie Claire met #BlackTwitter on Wednesday, after the magazine tweeted a picture of Kendall Jenner wearing her hair partially cornrowed and labeling the style as “bold”…

Regularly sported by Cindy Brady and Pippi Longstocking, braids have long been under the exclusive monopoly of precocious youth. Luckily, for those of us far from the bounds of puberty and tired of bland buns and predictable ponytails, the schoolgirl staple has branched out this year, hitting the runway, rounding the red carpet, and even […] Not many women have the ability to inspire us, enlighten us and make us move our feet the way Erykah Badu does. And her style is groovy, too. Frequently shocking and enchanting audiences with extreme hairstyles, colorful ensembles and an intriguing ability to influence her man’s legwear (remember those crocheted pants Common wore?), Erykah […]