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Regularly sported by Cindy Brady and Pippi Longstocking, braids have long been under the exclusive monopoly of precocious youth. Luckily, for those of us far from the bounds of puberty and tired of bland buns and predictable ponytails, the schoolgirl staple has branched out this year, hitting the runway, rounding the red carpet, and even moving onto the tennis court with a more edgy and modern twist.

On a recent style segment on the Today Show, Jill Martin, an US Weekly contributor, pointed out that one of the many advantages of braids is that they are an inclusive trend. Unlike trends such as neon and skinny jeans that “so many women can’t get in on because of their body type or because of age”, braids can be worn by everyone.

On her blog, Barbara Grufferman talks about the “incredible and free-hair accessory” specifically for Post50 women, who want to look age appropriate and switch up their usual style, all while remaining stylish and elegant. Grufferman put the hairstyle to the test, sporting a french braid headband while running the NYC Marathon this month, which kept her hair off of her face, showcased her smile, and lasted all 26.2 miles, proving that this look is as practical as it is pretty.

Article Courtesy of The Huffington Post