Buffalo Wild Wings, or 'B Dubs', depending on who you ask, has been sued by a man claiming that their boneless wings are in fact just chicken nuggets with sauce.

If you love wings than this is for you! Buffalo Wild Wings says they will give out free wings if the big game goes into overtime. According to Delish.com, B dub’s says that on Super Bowl Sunday last year, they served up an astounding 14 million traditional and boneless wings to customers, and this year they’re […]

(RNN) – Arby’s is buying sports bar chain Buffalo Wild Wings in a deal valued at $2.9 billion, the company announced Tuesday. Arby’s Restaurant Group paid $2.4 billion in cash, and with taking over Buffalo Wild Wings’ debt, the price climbs to about $2.9 billion, USA Today reported. B-Dubs, as it is known to fans, built a […]

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was scheduled for an autograph signing at Buffalo Wild Wings in York, Pa but the event was cancelled after the owner received death threats. According to Joe Bartolo, the owner, the signing was postponed after several death threats were made against him, his wife Jamie, the owners of JJ Cards N […]