CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Handicap parking spaces have been mandated by federal law since 1968. Most people are very aware of them, so it’s fairly rare to see the law violated. It’s even more rare to see a high profile vehicle, such as a postal truck, parked in a handicap spot in a lot where […]

BEACHWOOD, Ohio–  The Beachwood Police Department released officer body camera video following the shooting inside Beachwood Place. Police were called to the mall on March 17. Officers were at the scene investigating one shooting when a second one occurred. The report said they were unrelated. The first happened outside of Saks Fifth Avenue. Two men […]

CLEVELAND – Cleveland Police are looking for a woman seen on surveillance video whipping out a pistol and pointing it at people inside her son’s barber shop. The incident happened on April 14 at The AllState Barber College on Lorain Avenue near West 26th Street. A witness said the woman was upset with how long it […]

The woman’s actions reflect how badly Hungary has handled the arrival of the Middle East refugees escaping from the war-torn areas.   A Hungarian TV journalist has been sacked by her employer after video appeared to depict her tripping up refugees, including children, at the country’s border. The woman, later named as Petra Laszlo, can be […]

Mayor Bowser added those connected with the cases and incidents captured on the camera can have access to view.  Not everyone is agreeing or believing that idea.   WASHINGTON — After this month’s police killing of Walter Scott in South Carolina, Americans were treated to another lesson in how police departments can spin such incidents. […]

  CLEVELAND — A WKYC photojournalist was assaulted while covering the #Ferguson2CLE protest Sunday evening in Cleveland. It was caught by at least two cameras, including his own. “They were bumping into me and stuff and then this guy came up out of nowhere, hit my camera, knocked my light off. We can see that […]

  SOUTH EUCLID, OH (WOIO) – A South Euclid Police Officer shot and killed assault suspect, 44-year-old Ronnie McNary on Saturday. The entire incident caught on Officer Steve Wilson’s body camera that the Police Department purchased last month. It all went down at the home of 47-year-old Constance Macon when her ex-boyfriend Ronnie McNary decided […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – On Wednesday morning, Cleveland City Council members held an emergency meeting regarding the city’s traffic cameras. The council members voted to put the traffic cameras on the November ballot. At issue, was whether traffic cameras would be placed on the November ballot or be part of a special election, which […]

  There were no passengers in the bus during the crash.   (CNN) – On drugs and in control of a 35-ton vehicle. Video shows Shaun Murphy, a bus driver in Australia, smoking synthetic cannabis behind the wheel. For a moment, he steers with his elbow, having no control at all at times. Finally, the […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Lead-footed drivers in Cleveland beware. Here’s where the city’s 15 mobile traffic cameras will try to catch you speeding July 1 – 22, according to the city: 612 Spring Road 6517 Denison Avenue 2940 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive 13712 Kinsman Road 4100 block of Superior Avenue 11400 block of […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Ohio Supreme Court taking on red light cameras Wednesday. Drivers all over the state have been fighting the tickets they’ve received from these ‘traffic cop substitutes.’ The case in question is out of Toledo but the court’s ruling will affect drivers across Ohio, and the communities which issue the […]

  CLEVELAND – The city of Cleveland’s portable camera units used to catch traffic violations are on the move again. The 12 cameras will move to new locations April 9. Here’s a partical list of the new locations:   West 104th Street & Madison Avenue 1500 Block of West 25th Street 7000 Block of Bessermer […]