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The infamous “tot mom” still maintains she does not know what happened to her late daughter, and had nothing to do with her murder.   Casey Anthony may be interested in having another child, according to a report published Tuesday in People magazine. Anthony was acquitted of murder in 2011 in the death of her 2-year-old […]

It was the trial that captivated (and horrified) the nation in 2011: a parent accused of killing her child. Months after two-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony went missing (and whose skeletal remains were later discovered in the woods), her mother, Casey Anthony, was charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors wanted the death penalty; instead, in a still-much-discussed […]

He claims that Attorney Jose Baez said she killed Caylee.   It’s been years since the Casey Anthony story made headlines, but the saga surrounding the case continues. A private investigator is now claiming that Jose Baez, Anthony’s lawyer, admitted she killed her 2-year-old daughter. “Baez had told me that Casey murdered Caylee and dumped […]

Casey Anthony said she was raped at a party when she was 18 and that's how she conceived Caylee -- this according to Casey's former psychiatrist.

In part two of our exclusive interview with the Wayans Brothers, Marlon and Shawn went in on Casey Anthony, comparing her to a white OJ Simpson! Joking that Casey is planning to get plastic surgery, Marlon said,”You can’t hide that big ass head. Her head looks evil!” The siblings also talked about Richard Pryor, President […]

Now that she’s a freebird, Casey Anthony needs to think and reevaluate her career choices and goals. Yea, yea we know that she was offered a position with Vivid Entertainment, and may have a booming porn career on the way, but a person with her credentials should explore all the different avenues available to her. […]

All of the mainstream press is wondering . . . where will CASEY ANYTHONY live. She was released from prison last night at midnight – and up until THIS MORNING – no one knows where she is. According to one of out ROCK SOLID SNITCHES, Casey is now in COLUMBUS, OHIO. And this is not […]

Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail on Thursday, two days after she was found guilty of lying to police but found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter.  Anthony, 25, was found guilty of four counts of lying to investigators and sentenced to a year in prison for each count. She was […]

[Updated at 2:34 p.m.] A room is being prepared for the jury to take questions from the media about their verdict. [Updated at 2:31 p.m.] For the first time a wide smile came across Casey Anthony’s face. She began to smile and laugh as her team surrounded her and congratulated her on the verdict. [Updated […]

SOURCE: A Florida jury has found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The jury of 7 women and 5 men in Orlando did find the 25-year-old Anthony guilty of giving false information to a law enforcement in connection with the case. The jurors returned the verdict after […]

Casey Anthony, mother of slain 2 year old Caylee Anthony, has been on trial for her murder for months now. The little girl was found in the woods, with duct tape on her skull. Casey Anthony has been found innocent of First Degree Murder, and Aggravated Child Abuse, but Guilty of Providing False Information to […]