I’m assuming that this little guys church Christmas speech wasn’t “Jesus Wept.” How many times do we go to church for the traditional children Christmas plays/speech and the children are so terrified of standing at the alter with a microphone to say the lines that they have been memorizing for weeks only for them to […]

Singer Chris Brown often times gets the rap of being a R&B bad boy. Unfortunately the bad is what people like to hang on to and some think that bad makes for a good read or post opposed to the good he produces. Musically, lyrically and/or visually, Chris Brown, has consistently stayed on top as […]

What are the holidays without family? Not much fun. That’s probably why Eddie Murphy gathered up his entire brood to take some beautiful holiday photos. The 57-year-old is a father of 10 children, and all were present for the photo shoot. That includes Eric, his son with Paulette McNeely, Christian, his son with Tamara Hood, Bria, Myles, […]

Sad news today, Def Jam singer/songwriter, August Alsina, took to social media to announce the passing of his sister Chandra. Chandra Alsina lost her battle with cancer on Christmas leaving behind 3 young daughters who are now without both of their parents according to a devastaed August Alsina. We will continue to keep August Alsina […]

Although we all like receiving the reason for the season is the gift of giving. Tameka “Tiny” Harris threw on a regular ole jogging suit, a Santa hat and rolled up her sleeves along with her Pretty Hustle crew and prepared meals for others less fortunate on Christmas Eve. But the most amazing part was […]

It’s been 30 years since the original “Die Hard” movie hit theaters. And for almost that long, people have been debating whether it is a Christmas movie. We might finally have an answer. 20th Century Fox, the movie studio that owns the popular action franchise, released a new trailer declaring “Die Hard” is “the greatest Christmas story […]

A new survey says some people would “rebrand” Santa Claus as either gender neutral or female. According to the logo-making company Graphics Springs, about 10% of people surveyed said Santa should be a woman; about 17% said Old Saint Nick should be gender neutral. Four-thousand people across the United States and the United Kingdom were reportedly asked […]

You have one week and two more weekends before Christmas. And that means you better get started. Yes we’re talking to you – the last-minute procrastinators, the disorganized, the busy or the ones ‘waiting on the next paycheck before I can knock off this gift list’ types. We’re here to help – we’ve got the […]

Kevon Edmonds and Keith Mitchell of After 7, talked to the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew about their new Christmas single! The song is called ‘The Loneliest Christmas’ and it tells the story of what it’s like to deal with loneliness in the Christmas season. Sybil calls the song powerful even for those who aren’t […]

Tis also the season to show gratitude by helping those in need.

Ah, it’s that time of year again, Christmas season at the White House — not “holiday season” because President Donald Trump has let everyone know how he feels about that. As is White House tradition, the first lady selects the annual Christmas tree and decorations, and this year was no different. For the second year into […]

The President’s trip to Mar-A-Lago in Florida will mark his tenth time visiting in 2017. President Donald Trump signed the Republican tax cut bill Friday morning as he prepares to leave for his Christmas break in Florida. The President signed the bill before reporters in the Oval Office. He also signed the continuing resolution that will […]