The Preacher's Wife

Source: Fotos International / Getty

I’m assuming that this little guys church Christmas speech wasn’t “Jesus Wept.”

How many times do we go to church for the traditional children Christmas plays/speech and the children are so terrified of standing at the alter with a microphone to say the lines that they have been memorizing for weeks only for them to barely get them out. As adults we are so proud or our little people and afterwards we even chuckle about performance.

Well little kindergartener Naszir didn’t want no parts of the tradition when he gave his mic drop performance.

Naszir grandmothers friend wanted him to be a part of the Church show however Naszir didn’t want to and his mother conveyed his not wanting to do it to his dad’s mother (Naszir’s grandmother). Naszir mom said he refused to practice so when show time came little Naszir went to the alter grabbed the mic said “I’m tired of the church” then dropped the mic and walked off. The pastor took him to the bathroom to give him a good talking to however Naszir’s dad was given the play by play via text message, so when he got a hold of the little guy let’s just say it’s wasn’t pretty.

The question is was this situation handled properly from the start? Should he have been made to do something that wasn’t even his own grandmother’s idea especially after she said he really didn’t want to do it? And what should his punishment, if any, have been?

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