There is an old saying/theory that grown folks should stay out of children’s fights because the adults will be at war while the kids just kiss and make up then are playing together the next day.  But unfortunately for some Clevelander’s they have never heard of such a thing, all they have ever heard of […]

PARMA, OH (WOIO) –Parma police have arrested of another person they say was involved in the March 8, 2015 attack on several employees at the W. Ridgewood Drive Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant. Police have arrested 22-year-old Jahmeel Rashad Green of Parkmount Avenue in Cleveland. He was living near San Diego, California. Green turned himself in Tuesday morning […]

PARMA, OH (WOIO) –Parma police have arrested several people in connection with the March 9 attack of several employees at Chuck E. Cheese in Parma. 35-year-old Jermele L. Barkley and 41-year-old Albert W. Brown appeared in court Tuesday afternoon after turning themselves in. The judge bound both their cases over and set bond at $25,000 each. […]

See if you can spot the adults in this video. A brawl of WWE Raw calibre broke out at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese Saturday, with one woman throwing haymakers while holding a baby. Violence erupted between several adults after one woman threw the first punch. That happens at the 30-second mark in the […]