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Pizza Chain Chuck E. Cheese Files For Bankruptcy Protection

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There is an old saying/theory that grown folks should stay out of children’s fights because the adults will be at war while the kids just kiss and make up then are playing together the next day.  But unfortunately for some Clevelander’s they have never heard of such a thing, all they have ever heard of is ‘I’m about that life’ now it appears that a situation at of all places Chuck E. Cheese is going to leave some children traumatized and their parents in jail and/or in court facing criminal charges.

In todays climate with police shootings and protesting social injustices this simply was not cool.

What had happened was, according to a report while at Chuck E. Cheese in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, a child hit another child.  Instead of the parent going over to the other parent and having a conversation about it, a fight broke out that involved adults spitting on each other, guns, children getting hit with pepper spray, several police departments having to come to Chuck E. Cheese to restore order and parents being arrested.

Mayfield Heights police have now released the bodycam video of the large fight that happened at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Golden Gate Plaza on April 18.  Read More

At what age do you stop being about that life, especially around children? How do you think police handled that situation with guns on the premises and kids getting sprayed with pepper spray?

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