CLEVELAND, Ohio — Insomnia Cookies locations across the country are offering “free cookies for all” as part of a 4/20 party, according to a press release. “We are excited to treat our loyal customers to a free cookie on 4/20,” Tom Carusona, CMO of Insomnia Cookies, said in a release. “It’s a fun way to […]

There is a recall for Chew Chips Ahoy 13 ounce cookies. Mondelez Global LLC announced the voluntary recall because of the potential for “an unexpected solidified ingredient.” If you have the cookies, call 1-844-366-1171 for more information.   READ MORE: Article Courtesy of WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland First and Second Picture Courtesy of Jason […]

The pancakes are not permanent on the menu, as it is only around for a short time, but it can be purchased in the meantime as a “a full order of four pancakes for $8 or a side order two pancakes for $4.” (WTOL) – IHOP has some great dessert pancake options; from Cupcake pancakes […]

Yes they are real, but good luck finding them!   HOUSTON — If you’re the kind of person who picks apart Oreo cookies to maximize the creme per cookie, The Most Stuf edition may be for you. Oreo advertises it as having “the most creme ever.” But good luck finding it. As Elite Daily points […]

Canada legalized recreational pot this week and its dispensaries weren’t the only ones with a business plan. A Girl Scouts Brownie — and budding entrepreneur — knew exactly where her best sales would come from. Elina Childs, 9, stood outside an Edmonton dispensary Wednesday and sold all her cookies to those enduring 4-hour lines during […]

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – Cookie monster’s taste buds must be tingling. There are three new Oreo flavors on the market for children, adults, and aficionados alike to try out. Some may ask: why not just leave well enough alone? But that’s how the cookie crumbles and Oreo left it up to fans to decide. The […]

A morning news anchor also repeated the device on a newscast in which several more orders were made, angering viewers. TEXAS — A Texas girl ordered a dollhouse and four pounds of cookies during a conversation with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated device. Brooke Neitzel, 6, asked Alexa: ‘Can you play dollhouse with me and get me […]

My life was completely changed two years ago when the way of the woman was upon me and I couldn’t stop craving sweets. So, like millions of greedy Americans, I stopped by McDonald’s and, for the first time ever, ordered chocolate chip cookies. Without meaning to be too hyperbolic, they were the best goddamn cookies […]

The next great accomplishment in our human existence has now been realized because your new favorite food blog, Oh Bite It, has published a recipe for Bacon-Fried Oreos, which are exactly what you think they are. The recipe is quite simple: 1. Wrap each Oreo with a single slice of raw bacon. 2. Secure each wrapped Oreo […]

Staying on top of eating healthy can be hard during the work week but we have found some great snack alternatives that will allow you…

  (RNN) – Oreo will unveil two new cookie flavor fillings – Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy. The sweets will be on the shelves Feb. 3 but will only be available for a limited time. The Marshmallow Crispy treats are made with the vanilla cookie. The traditional chocolate is sandwiching the new flavored Cookie Dough […]

CLEVELAND, OH – Can your cookie preference predict who will win the presidential election? Of course not, but at Constantino’s Market downtown, they are offering up the candidates favorite cookies as a fun way to predict who will win on November 6. Presidents Obama’s cookie is described as chocolate chip with white, milk chocolate and mint chips. […]