My life was completely changed two years ago when the way of the woman was upon me and I couldn’t stop craving sweets. So, like millions of greedy Americans, I stopped by McDonald’s and, for the first time ever, ordered chocolate chip cookies. Without meaning to be too hyperbolic, they were the best goddamn cookies I ever had. Each warm bite was a gooey goodness I never knew existed. Still, I can’t condone this woman going on a profanity-laced rant about her local McDonald’s not having her “fresh cookies” ready.

The woman, “blogger” Brandy Wooten, recorded herself opening a can of verbal whoop ass on the McDonald’s manager for making her wait two minutes for three whole cookies. Apparently, Wooten had already called ahead and ordered the cookies and became irate when she arrived and they weren’t ready.


To see her response, click here:

Article Courtesy of Uproxx

Picture and Video Courtesy of Brandy Wooten, YouTube, and Uproxx

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