The homeowner loves the house, and does not understand why others do not like the color change.   PFLUGERVILLE, TX (KEYE/CNN) – A Texas neighborhood is in an uproar over a Pepto-Bismol, full-on-flamingo, Pink-Panther-pink house. But the homeowner doesn’t care what his neighbors, or anyone else, thinks. Emilio Rodriguez says “it’s just my favorite color.” […]

Police are looking to the public to help identify the customer, who is likely to face charges for damages to the property.   CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – Police are searching for a customer who tossed her takeout order towards employees at a fast food restaurant. Officers said she was upset because her food wasn’t prepared […]

This dad taught his daughter a serious lesson with his mechanical digger when she didn’t follow the rules. Let’s just say we wouldn’t want to make this dad mad. A father used a mechanical digger to flip his daughter’s car. The crime? A son said the incident happened after the daughter was found with a […]

As stupid as it sounds, when a superstar athlete leaves his/her team to sign elsewhere in free agency, scorned fans often attempt to make themselves feel better by burning said athlete’s old jersey. That’s why it wasn’t so shocking when plenty of photos/videos emerged this weekend of Oklahoma City Thunder fans torching their Kevin Durant jerseys […]

A Connecticut woman recorded video of a man verbally attacking her as she publicly breastfed her child inside a Target store earlier this week. Jessie Maher posted a video of the incident on Facebook June 13. Maher said in the post, she was breastfeeding in the Target cafe, when a man called her “disgusting” and […]

My life was completely changed two years ago when the way of the woman was upon me and I couldn’t stop craving sweets. So, like millions of greedy Americans, I stopped by McDonald’s and, for the first time ever, ordered chocolate chip cookies. Without meaning to be too hyperbolic, they were the best goddamn cookies […]

Well, this was awkward.  CNN’s Don Lemon took to the streets of Charleston, S.C. in the wake of the devastating terrorist attack on the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church when he was called an “Uncle Tom” by an impassioned Black woman in the area. “Are you angry Tom?” she questioned. Don held his composure […]

Dozens of protesters were arrested after a Cleveland, Ohio judge found Officer Michael Brelo, 31, not guilty of felony involuntary manslaughter in the November 2012 shooting deaths of Malissa Williams, 30, and Timothy Russell, 43, CNN reports. RELATED: Cleveland Cop Who Fired 49 of 137 Shot Barrage Killing Two Unarmed African Americans: Not Guilty As previously reported by NewsOne, […]

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — Some residents ihere want to oust Mayor Gary Norton. A meeting is set for 5 p.m. tonight (March 5) East Cleveland library. City Councilman Nate Martin, who calls Norton a friend, is among those who wants to replace him. Norton took office in 2010. He runs a city in desperate financial […]

After a Staten Island grand jury on Wednesday decided to not indict New York Police Department officer in the death of Eric Garner, the unarmed Black man whose death while in a chokehold was captured on video, police officer Daniel Pantaleo tweeted his condolences:   However, Garner’s grieving widow Esaw was not having it. During a press conference at the National […]

  North Olmsted,OH – Things got hot and heavy in North Olmsted Thursday night as city leaders addressed angry homeowners. It was standing room only inside the gymnasium at North Olmsted high school. The meeting had to be moved from city hall because of the amount of people who attended. Residents were fed up with […]

  SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio – When the temperatures start to rise, so too does the craving many people have for ice cream.  But this South Euclid woman may have gone too far. Police were called to the United Dairy Farmers in South Euclid when a 20-year-old became “irate” when the store’s employee on duty told […]