Political activist, social critic, and public intellectual, Cornel West has officially thrown his ascot in the 2024 presidential run ring.

Cornel West isn’t shy about who’s getting his vote. In West’s eyes, Bernie Sanders is his candidate of choice, as opposed to Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. To hear West tell it, the former first lady hasn’t been as actively involved in the black community as Sanders, whom he feels was active in the black […]

Stop Mass Inc., created by Dr. Cornel West and activist Carl Dix, have marched endlessly for racial injustice and now introduce "Rise Up October," a three-day event (Oct. 22 to Oct 24) in New York that will continue to fight against police killings.


After perceived slights and political missteps by Barack Obama, scholar Cornel West has led an intractable one-man war against the president that has been punctuated…

  UPDATED 2:38 P.M., 10/13/14:  According to a press release released by PICO National Network, 10 clergy leaders and activists were arrested on Monday, after the Moral Monday March. In addition, to scholar Cornel West being arrested, Pastor Michael McBride and founder and President of Sojourners Jim Wallis were also arrested. Pastor McBride released the […]


Taking advantage of the friendly crowd at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Conference, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson publicly responded to Dr. Cornel West’s jabs against…


Cornel West had to share his 2 cents about the POTUS being sworn in on MLK Jr's Bible.

One of President Obama’s biggest critics, Cornel West, is at it again.  This time West is upset about the President’s reaction to the Newtown shooting and Obama’s perceived lack of attention to inner city shootings.  Amongst calling Barack Obama a “coward” and  “a Republican in blackface” Cornel West also had this to say: “Not a […]

CLEVELAND — Nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty. A report from the Census Bureau on Wednesday says poverty levels have not changed since 2010. Radio host Tavis Smiley and Cornell West began a four-state tour in Cleveland called “Poverty 2.0.” The tour will address poverty in four battle ground states. The duo will host six town hall meetings […]

Cornel West, the public intellectual, activist and Ivy League professor, is taking a “significant pay cut” to leave Princeton and return to where he began his teaching career: Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. See Also: Black Travel: Five Tasty Brooklyn Brunch Spots See Also: Are Kermit And Miss Piggy Dating In […]

Bill O’Reilly had Tavis Smiley and Cornel West on his show on Tuesday and the group engaged in a heated discussion over the causes of poverty and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. O’Reilly believes that people bare a personal responsibility for their own poverty, while West and Smiley argued about the government factors that contribute […]