CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Browns have a new defensive coordinator, Head Coach Hue Jackson announced on Sunday. Gregg Williams will join the team, replacing Ray Horton, who has been relieved of his duties. Williams has coached in the NFL for 26 years: He served as head coach for three teams and 15 as a defensive […]

Comedian Damon Wayans dismissed dozens of rape allegations against Bill Cosby, calling the alleged victims “unrape-able” during an appearance on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club Friday morning. Wayans discussed several topics, including his firing from Saturday Night Live, before the conversation turned to Cosby, with Wayans joking that he should just divorce Camille Cosby and give […]

Bill Cosby has another ally from the music world in his corner. Legendary rapper and one half of Public Enemy, Chuck D, shared his thoughts on the comedian and the endless accusations of sexual assault against him, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chuck D took to Twitter on Sunday after more news regarding the allegations was revealed. Employees […]

I’m so not surprised by this news… Dave Chappelle was the commencement speaker at his alma mater this weekend, the Duke Ellington School Of The Arts, where he mentioned the controversial former NAACP local President Rachel Dolezal. Backstage, he went into further detail  with the Washington Post about his thoughts and why he’s not going to make any jokes […]

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) –Defense attorney’s were unsuccessful once again in asking the charges against Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo be dropped. Officer Brelo’s team renewed their motion for dismissal of manslaughter charges Friday afternoon and Judge John O’Donnell denied the request. Judge John O’Donnell will hear closing arguments on Tuesday beginning at 10 a.m. He […]

  On “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg defended the cartoonist who wondered if Obama has tried the “watermelon toothpaste,” saying that she, in fact, uses watermelon toothpaste and, perhaps, he didn’t realize the implications of pairing a watermelon reference with the image of the first Black president. Rosie Perez, however, didn’t agree. She said, “It never occurred […]

When news of Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson (pictured below) broke about the severe whipping he gave his 4-year-old son, he defended his actions as those of a Dad who cares. Now the gridiron player’s mom, Bonita Jackson (pictured), has stepped forward to defend her son’s mode of corporal punishment as something that was not only done out of […]

*You might think he’s full of sh*t, but despite all the legal drama before and after being acquitted for Trayvon Martin’s murder and his personal issues with his estranged wife and ex-girlfriend, George Zimmerman says America hasn’t seen who he truly is. In a videotaped interview released Wednesday, the former neighborhood watchman tells divorce attorneys […]

  While MSNBC has remained silent on the hatred and racism to which Melissa-Harris Perry has  been subjected since an ill-advised show segment last weekend led to the mocking of Mitt Romney’s Black grandson Kieran, fiery former FOX host Glenn Beck has publicly defended Harris-Perry’s character, while chastising conservatives who are attacking her. Read a partial […]

  *Evander Holyfield’s son is coming to his father’s defense against remarks the boxer made about homosexuals on UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother.” As previously reported, Holyfield told a housemate Sunday that being gay is like being handicapped, because a doctor can fix both. He was immediately chastised by fellow houseguests as well as show producers. […]

  *Throwing stones at hip-hop mogul Jay-Z isn’t the answer, says the good Rev. Al Sharpton in regard to allegations of racial profiling made by two shoppers who were detained after purchasing expensive merchandise at Barneys dept. store in Manhattan, New York, reports show. The enterprising rapper joined forces with the high-end clothing chain some […]

CLEVELAND – The defense attorney for admitted kidnapper Ariel Castro called Thursday’s sentencing hearing “gratuitous and unnecessary.” Attorney Craig Weintraub spoke with the media shortly after his client was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus a thousand years. He said Castro was not surprised by his sentence because of managed […]