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I’m so not surprised by this news…

Dave Chappelle was the commencement speaker at his alma mater this weekend, the Duke Ellington School Of The Arts, where he mentioned the controversial former NAACP local President Rachel Dolezal.

Backstage, he went into further detail  with the Washington Post about his thoughts and why he’s not going to make any jokes about Rachel Dolezal anytime soon.

“The thing that the media’s gotta be real careful about, that they’re kind of overlooking, is the emotional context of what she means. There’s something that’s very nuanced where she’s highlighting the difference between personal feeling and what’s construct as far as racism is concerned. I don’t know what her agenda is, but there’s an emotional context for black people when they see her and white people when they see her. There’s a lot of feelings that are going to come out behind what’s happening with this lady.

I’m probably not going to do any jokes about her or any references to her for awhile ’cause that’s going to be a lot of comedians doing a lot. And I’m sure her rebuttal will be illuminating. Like, once she’s had time to process it and kind of get her wind back and get her message together.”

Bruh. Nuanced? Illuminating?

Are we talking about Rachel Dolezal or Mother Theresa?

This is from the same man that created skits and characters like ‘The Racial Draft,’ ‘Piss On You,’ and Clayton Bigsby. Now you want to show discretion? It seems like when it comes to this White woman perpetrating a Black woman that everyone is treating her  with kid gloves.

Chappelle isn’t the only person caping for Rachel Dolezal either.

We knew when it was announced that Raven-Symone was going to be a permanent co-host onThe View that there were going to be comments like this. She didn’t even wait for the ink to dry on her contract before she threw Black womanhood under the bus.

On today’s episode of The View, Raven-Symone reportedly defended Rachel Dolezal and said, ” Black people straighten their hair everyday.”

As if straightening your hair is somehow equal to pretending to be another race entirely.

I just cannot…

The problem is how quickly folks are willing to accept this White woman as a Black woman and  diss other Black women in the process. If you’ve been present on social media, you may have seen various memes from several Ashy Larry-types comparing Rachel Dolezal wearing blackface for years to Black women wearing blonde or curly hair.


Ugh, please.

The thing is, people are forgetting that Rachel Dolezal didn’t just decide to be a Black woman and live a regular life. She sent herself hate mail (federal crime) and lied on government forms about her identity. She is a criminal. If a Black woman had gone through the same lengths of deception as Rachel Dolezal, she would be facing serious charges. Period.

Over the weekend, Melissa Harris-Perry took heat for actually saying “Is it possible that she might actually be black?” and comparing her situation to the transgendered experience. Girl BYE.

It is not the same thing.

Race and gender aren’t the same thing. Our trans brothers and sisters don’t wake up and simply decide they want to wear clothes of the opposite sex. Everyday they are fighting to be themselves. Rachel Dolezal didn’t want to be herself; she wanted to be Angela Davis. Rachel Dolezal made the choice to cut ties with her real family and threaten her siblings if they ever told anyone about her deception. She believed that she would benefit (and perhaps she has) from being perceived as a Black woman. Trans men and women don’t even come close to benefitting from transitioning.

Rachel Dolezal may have quit as president of the NAACP but we still have so many questions. What happens next? Is she going to continue her blackface?  Will she face charges for the hate mail crimes?

Either way, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Rachel Dolezal or her defenders.


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