39 year old, Cleveland native, Benedictine High School graduate, Rich Paul, mastered his craft with true ingenuity and hard work. Nobody handed Rich Paul anything he is truly self made.  Today Rich Paul, founder of  Klutch Sports Group, represents over 30 clients, such as Anthony Davis, Eric Bledsoe, John Wall, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green and arguably […]

The Old School all remember when Black History month was just a day, so we have come a long way by getting the shortest month of the year but Derek Floyd being murdered by ex-police officer Derek Chauvin has highlighted the need for much more than just a month. But did you know that there […]

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan announced on his website that he is running for president. His website states: “As a congressman from Youngstown, Ohio for almost 20 years, I’ve watched the American Dream slip through the fingers of many Americans. Like so many in America’s heartland, I come from a long line of factory […]

ATLANTA, Ga. — Atlanta police have arrested a man for allegedly shooting and killing a 19-year-old who accidentally knocked on his door. According to WSB, it happened at an apartment complex around 12:30 a.m. on Friday. Police told the TV outlet that Omarian Banks was dropped off in a Lyft at the wrong breezeway. He […]

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who is facing widespread calls to resign in the wake his recent blackface scandal, drew even more ire on social media Sunday for referring to the first Africans brought to his state as “indentured servants.” While talking about the 400th anniversary of the first Africans’ arrival to his state, he attempted to […]

The Massachusetts Senator has also introduced a “Wealth Tax” proposal, where those “with assets valued at $50 million or more” would be taxed at 2%, with billionaires paying more taxes.   Senator Elizabeth Warren, at a rally outside a mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, has officially announced she is running for the Democratic nomination for president. Warren […]

A Maryland High School student is accused of sharing a racist Snapchat post online because her school lost a basketball game by one point. “It was deplorable,” parent Jason Doyle told WJZ. “Kids these days and even adults shouldn’t be talking like that.” In the school’s parking lot, a student told WJZ that he knew the girl and […]

So it’s 2019, and ain’t much changed. Let me take that back. It almost seems as if racist white people are feeling less inhibited to confine their racism. The public displays of despicable behavior haven’t stopped, and in fact it seems as if Mr. Trump’s takeover as president of the United States has emboldened some […]

Bradley Watkins, a 36-year old white man from Tennessee, was recently arrested after reportedly harassing two Black children at a Family Dollar store. He allegedly tried to run them over while holding a gun, threatening to kill them and shouting racial slurs at them. According to Fox 13, one of the victims told the police […]

Kroger has reportedly disciplined employees and moved up previously planned diversity and sensitivity training after being accused of racial profiling by a mother whose teens were accused of stealing while buying snacks. According to Daily News, the grocery chain on announced “several immediate actions in response” to the incident at its store in Mesquite, Texas. […]

Here we are, on the cusp of 2019, and major retailers are still playing dumb about racial stereotypes and caricatures. This, just shy of a year since the British royal family admonished one of its own for wearing a “Blackamoor” brooch to meet then-future duchess Meghan Markle, and H&M coming under significant fire (triggering seismic intra-organizational changes) for dressing […]

A high school class assignment aimed to examine sociology and race netted the results the teacher was hoping for when a student was grabbed by a stranger inside the Cherry Creek Mall and accused of stealing. As reported by kdvr.com, 17-year-old Channing Cowan was at the mall with three classmates from his psychology class at Centaurus High School […]