Now I, I go for mine, I got to shine, Now throw yo’ hands up in the sky, I’ma get on this TV mama, I’ma, I’ma put shit down, I’m good ♫  That’s the tune that ex-Cleveland Cavalier, Delonte West is singing, although he might not be living the good life, according to Delonte West […]

We summonsing prayer warriors from Delonte West as it is being reported that he has once again fell to his demons. Former, Cleveland Cavalier, Delonte West unfortunately is in the news more than he ever was when he played in the NBA.  Sadly because the brotha just can’t seem to get himself together. In 2020 […]

In recent months, Delonte West has made headlines on a couple of occasions (see here and here) for calling LeBron James out on social media, and everyone has laughed at his shenanigans. But over the weekend, some photos of West walking around in Houston sometime last week emerged, and they are the furthest thing from […]

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Former NBA player Delonte West made an interesting confession to Vice Sports in a recent interview. The new father explained that he did not name… Delonte West, Renaissance man, is trying his hand at the furniture business. Locked out of his primary job as an NBA player, West has looked into positions at Home Depot and Sam’s Club (in the knives department) while working on a rap album. Now, he has landed a gig at Regency Furniture Showrooms, a […]

Former Boston Celtics star Delonte West has a new gig selling furniture! West tweeted that Regency Furniture Showrooms, a furniture chain in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., hired him. He tweeted fans & posted these pics! This is not the seven-year NBA veteran’s first attempt at finding alternative employment. In August, he tweeted that he […]

Boston Celtics guard Delonte West is claiming that he has a job working for Regency Furniture Showrooms in Maryland on Twitter. West also posted a series of pictures of his first day at Regency. West had previously claimed that he was applying for a job at the Home Depot. Unlike other NBA players, West cannot […]

(WOIO) – Looks like Delonte West has landed a new job while the NBA lockout drags on. According to, the former Cavs store is working at Regency Furniture Showrooms in Washington, DC. West tweeted his job application to his followers on Wednesday. In which, West stated he was ready to start working “yesterday” and discovered the company […]

Not only is Delonte West putting in applications to work at Home Depot but he also want to be a rapper. You tell us… does he have what it takes or should he keep it pushin’?

Boston Celtic guard Delonte West claims on Twitter that he has applied to work at home depot due to the NBA lockout.

Boston Celtic guard Delonte West claims on Twitter that he has applied to work at home depot due to the NBA lockout. Due to a previous weapons case, West cannot play overseas like several other NBA players plan to do if there is a lockout in the NBA. Here is what West Tweeted: It’s official.. […]