Just in time for Father’s Day weekend! Three men in Tennessee have notched up a staggering 78 children by 46 different women between them and NONE of them are paying child support. Terry Turnage, seen below, has 23 children with 17 different women, while Richard M. Colbert has 25 children with 18 women. But Desmond […]

My head is really spinning right now. Remember the Tennessee man who impregnated a large portion of Knoxville’s female population–and reportedly fathered 30 children in the process? Well the facts are finally coming in and it appears that the guy was NOT in court as the media has reported and he does NOT have 30 […]


Desmond Hatchett is from Knoxville, Tennessee and he is taking their population through the roof. Well, this of course, with the help of the 11 mothers of his 30 children...

Remember the 33 year old guy with 30 kids by 11 different baby mamas? He’s baaaack & begging the courts for state help. 33 year old Desmond Hatchett, of Knoxville, Tennessee, has reportedly set a Knox County record for the number of children he has managed to reproduce with individual women, including one who worked […]

  http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/news/baw_commentary_news/40381 I feel sorry for these 30 black children. The unsuspecting kids I’m referring to were fathered by an idiot named Desmond Hatchett, who holds the record for having the most kids in the Knox County Juvenile Child Support Court: Thirty children by 11 different women. What a dubious distinction. “I had four kids […]

According to the Warren Ballentine show, 33 year old Desmond Hatchett has at least 30 kids with 11 different women! He holds a record for having the most kids in the Knox County Juvenile Child Support Court. “I had four kids in the same year. Twice.” Desmond Hatchett said in an interview. He’s been begging […]