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People, get “your” cousin. I’ve had enough.

Desmond Hatchett is from Knoxville, Tennessee and he is taking their population through the roof. Well, this of course, with the help of the 11 mothers of his 30 children, according to Yahoo via WREG-TV. Oh yes, this is true. 11 Women. 30 children. Desmond is 33 years old. He’s had four kids in same year TWICE.  Are we clear on that? There are two sets of children (eight children total) who are the same age! The kids range from toddler age to 14 years old.

Back in 2009, when Desmond only had 21 children (blank stare), the courts wanted to know why he wasn’t payingchild support for most of them.  The simplest answer is that he just doesn’t make enough money. He “promised” to stop having kids then but three years later, there are 9 more children.  This man is running around here making babies with every chick that will allow it and he only makes minimum wage. The court takes half his check and divides it between the mothers. These women end up with under $2 per child a month.

So what’s going to happen? Nothing. It isn’t against the law for him to have this many children and quite frankly, the women he sleeps with haven’t seen him on the news.  I’m sure if this story is revisited in five years, we can probably add another 10 children to the list.  I’d like to completely blame Desmond but what is going on with these women!?!

There is no “d” that good or man that fine that would allow me to ignore red flags of this nature. I mean, I just…there’s nothing left to say. Are condoms banned from Knoxville?

Have any of you met a man like this who expected you to treat him like it was all good? Have you treated a man in this situation like it was all good?

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