*2013 was a controversial year for DJ Mister Cee. He faced much backlash for soliciting oral sex from trans prostitutes. Although allegations have been made for years, last year Mister Cee was exposed by a male encounter (who was dressed as a woman during the act) after posting a video on YouTube about how Mister Cee […]

Singer-songwriter John Legend is about to dive into an entirely new arena, tackling the debate over whether or not gay performers can succeed in hip-hop in the process. The Grammy Award-winning musician has recently sold the rights to a Miami-based series titled “Down Lo” via his Get Lifted Film Co., as Vibe points out. Set […]

Mister Cee and the Myth of the Down-Low Bogeyman Radio personality Mister Cee’s recent arrest has relaunched the popular conversation about the down low. But it’s time to view the down-low brother for what he is: an urban exaggeration. By: Mason Jamal | Posted: April 7, 2011 at 1:52 PM   Getty Images Years ago, […]