Dennis Rodman was caught out by TMZ then was asked how he was doing and what is an update on the progress with staying sober. Dennis Rodman was arrested last January and plead guilty to DUI and was given 3 years probation. Unlike bad boy/party man Dennis Rodman, this Dennis Rodman was very candid about […]

Erica Lanier and Princess Yates’s family, along with students and faculty of the prestigious HBCU, are in mourning due to the news of their tragic deaths.    Spelman College students and faculty are in mourning. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, officials from the prestigious HBCU confirmed on Friday that two students—Erica Lanier and Princess Yates—were killed in […]

Former Ohio State quarterback and Heisman winner Troy Smith has been arrested on charges of driving under the influence and marijuana possession in Westerville, Ohio. Cpl. Greg Franey tells The Columbus Dispatch that Smith was pulled over at around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. Franey says the 31-year-old Smith has been charged with operating a vehicle […]

Rodger Bumpass, the voice of Squidward Tentacles on the animated TV series “SpongeBob SquarePants,” was arrested in Burbank on Friday on suspicion of drunk driving. Police found Bumpass leaning against his blue PT Cruiser, which was stopped in the middle of a road, the Los Angeles Times reported. When officers approached, he walked away and […]

Phoenix Suns small forward P.J. Tucker (pictured) was handed down a three-day jail and 11-day home detention sentence by a Scottsdale Arizona judge for reportedly driving with a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times the legal limit in the state according to The Arizona Republic. When Tucker was pulled over by a highway patrolman on May 10, […]

  CLEVELAND – Highway Patrol will be on high alert looking for suspected drunk drivers on St. Patrick’s Day. Last year, 142 arrests were made, but it was the first time no one died on Ohio roadways in five years. “We want people to enjoy the celebration, but we encourage them to do so responsibly,” […]

  MIAMI (RNN) – Singer Justin Bieber left a holding facility, got into a black SUV and rode away as several fans cheered him on Thursday, ending his day spent in the custody of law enforcement. An hour before, he appeared for a hearing in a Dade County courtroom wearing red jail attire. Judge Joseph […]

*Lord knows he’s been trying really hard to get his “thug” accreditation and it looks like Justin Bieber has finally succeeded. Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in South Florida and cops say it didn’t go well for thug wanna be. Reportedly mhe was wasted and resisted arrest and cussed out the arresting cop and […]

  The victim is hoping the officers will be punished for they treated her.   A 32-year-old Illinois woman filed a lawsuit Monday alleging that LaSalle County officers illegally strip-searched her and left her nude in a jail cell. According to ABC Chicago, Dana Holmes was arrested in May on a DUI charge and brought […]

  Miguel is the latest artist to be added to the list of ‘celebs who may need personal drivers.’ The 27-year-old “Adorn” singer was arrested…