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Phoenix Suns small forward P.J. Tucker (pictured) was handed down a three-day jail and 11-day home detention sentence by a Scottsdale Arizona judge for reportedly driving with a blood alcohol level that was nearly three times the legal limit in the state according to The Arizona Republic.

When Tucker was pulled over by a highway patrolman on May 10, police records indicate his speech was slurred, eyes bloodshot and he nearly toppled over as he bumbled the routine sobriety test.

Just two months after the 29-year-old was taken into custody, he reportedly signed a three-year contract with his NBA team for $16.5 million after averaging 9.4 points and 6.5 rebounds per game.

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In addition to his court-ordered sentence, Tucker must also undergo a substance abuse screening and counseling program, he is mandated to carry a breathalyzer at all times, or ignition interlock device that must be kept in his car for 18 months. The judge also threw in a 5-year probation period for his crime as well.

Tucker appears to be remorseful for a situation that has been deemed “reckless” by the court and even though he has been punished for it, the young 6’5″ player is taking his medicine like a good boy, as is evidenced in his recently released public statement:

“I am truly sorry and I take full responsibility for my actions. It is now my responsibility to examine my life and make the changes necessary to ensure this never happens again. That process has begun and will continue with the love and support of my family, friends and, of course, the amazing Phoenix Suns. There is both a lesson and an opportunity in this experience: I learned the lesson the hard way — the opportunity is to ensure others don’t.  The good that resulted from making this mistake is realizing people’s capacity to forgive. Thank you all so much for the love and forgiveness that I have received throughout this time.  I will not let you down. Thank you.”

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Article and Picture Courtesy of News One

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