First Usher now the Hart’s !!  Congratulations are in order as Kevin and Eniko Hart welcome their 2nd child together this time a baby girl. Eniko Hart shared the news of the birth of Kaori Mai Hart on her personal Instagram page. The Hart’s have a total of 4 children now, 15 year old Heaven, 12 […]

Kevin and Eniko Hart now have a total of 4 children now, 15 year old Heaven, 12 year old Hendrix (Kevin’s from his previous marriage),  2 year old Kenzo and now Kaori Mai.  

When having discussions about porn in relationships, the focus is often on men, their affinity for it, and the possible effect that can have on a couple’s sex life and overall connection. But what about when it’s the woman in the relationship who enjoys watching it, and enjoys doing so alone? It created an awkward […]

Fans read Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko for filth over the weekend, accusing them of being culturally insensitive for throwing their son a birthday party on Thanksgiving with a Cowboys and Indians theme. Many folks rushed to the comments section of Hart’s social media accounts to express disappointment over attendees wearing either cowboy gear or Native American-inspired clothing to […]